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namespace App\Modules\Liveapi\Http\Controllers;
 use App\Models\ShimmerLiveshopComment;
 use App\Models\ShimmerLiveshopUser;
 use function EasyWeChat\Kernel\Support\get_client_ip;
 use Illuminate\Http\Request;
 use Illuminate\Pagination\LengthAwarePaginator;
	 class CommentController extends Controller {
		 public function add(Request $request) {
		 goto nyquq;
		 yWsgX: sWZLx: goto Ae8yU;
		 GTf82: xkSeV: goto OqPDd;
		 FmqoL: $comment->content = $content;
		 goto rbdOX;
		 TxfHy: $comment->to_id = (int) $request->input("to_id");
		 goto PPWV_;
		 njuSs: $comment->user_id = $request->userInfo->id;
		 goto qO0m9;
		 AczLe: $comment->live_id = $liveId;
		 goto njuSs;
		 MmuzA: SivUz: goto OQ1Cz;
		 atx1B: $comment->avatar = $request->userInfo->avatar;
		 goto cDG0o;
		 Ap9Kj: $comment->content_type = $contentType;
		 goto FmqoL;
		 qO0m9: $comment->nickname = $request->userInfo->nickname;
		 goto atx1B;
		 ailcu: $giftlogid = (int) $request->route("giftlogid");
		 goto pJ6TT;
		 zjJE1: $comment->to_nickname = $toUser->nickname;
		 goto cXh00;
		 e6Xjf: xd2RN: goto DyjEp;
		 S4V6E: $this->result(1, "评论失败");
		 goto aUE6S;
		 rhB6i: return $this->result(1, "聊天类型参数错误");
		 goto Ytxz3;
		 cXh00: $comment->to_avatar = $toUser->avatar;
		 goto yWsgX;
		 aUE6S: goto xd2RN;
		 goto GTf82;
		 nyquq: $contentType = (int) $request->input("content_type");
		 goto hiIja;
		 rYBJ3: $toUser = ShimmerLiveshopUser::find($comment->to_user_id);
		 goto zjJE1;
		 B0gKt: return $this->result(1, "评论内容不能为空");
		 goto MmuzA;
		 PPWV_: $comment->to_user_id = (int) $request->input("to_user_id");
		 goto rYBJ3;
		 IrqXN: $content = $request->input("content");
		 goto tL2x3;
			 jqAoP: if ($content) {
			 goto SivUz;
		 goto B0gKt;
		 OqPDd: $this->result(0, "评论成功");
		 goto e6Xjf;
		 tL2x3: $uniacid = $request->route("uniacid");
		 goto ailcu;
		 ANZxw: $comment->is_reply = 1;
		 goto TxfHy;
		 hiIja: $liveId = (int) $request->input("live_id");
		 goto IrqXN;
		 Ytxz3: QmxY9: goto jqAoP;
		 cDG0o: $comment->ip = $ip;
		 goto E_5ip;
		 E_5ip: $comment->uniacid = $uniacid;
		 goto Ap9Kj;
		 Ae8yU: $ret = $comment->save();
		 goto i5cut;
		 OQ1Cz: $comment = new ShimmerLiveshopComment();
		 goto AczLe;
		 pJ6TT: $ip = $request->getClientIp();
		 goto w01TW;
			 w01TW: if ($contentType) {
			 goto QmxY9;
		 goto rhB6i;
			 rbdOX: if (!$comment->is_reply) {
			 goto sWZLx;
		 goto ANZxw;
			 i5cut: if ($ret) {
			 goto xkSeV;
		 goto S4V6E;
		 public function list(Request $request) {
		 goto zKaj6;
		 XwsVu: $liveId = (int) $request->input("live_id");
		 goto Hj9RJ;
		 P9zov: $this->result(1, "参数错误");
		 goto Cuwaw;
		 hdeID: $list = new LengthAwarePaginator($list, $paginateList->total(), $paginateList->perPage());
		 goto Cqy04;
		 tS_v8: $paginateList = ShimmerLiveshopComment::where("live_id", $liveId)->orderBy("id", "desc")->paginate($pageNum);
		 goto Zigpf;
		 Zigpf: $list = $paginateList->sortBy("id")->values()->all();
		 goto hdeID;
		 Cqy04: $this->result(1, '', $list);
		 goto Kri1h;
		 zKaj6: $result = [];
		 goto XwsVu;
		 O1p0t: $pageNum = (int) $request->input("page_num", 10);
		 goto tS_v8;
			 Hj9RJ: if ($liveId) {
			 goto u6SwP;
		 goto P9zov;
		 Cuwaw: u6SwP: goto O1p0t;

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